Aliens in the Castle 2021

Aliens in the Castle returns for a 4th year of fun!!!


The Strong. The Mighty.

by Adam LeKang

Aliens in the Castle is a “series” created exclusively for Not Just Dance. Students love playing aliens and they also love princes, princesses and everything related to castles. We decided – why not combine the two. Each script is written exclusively for this program and uses the theme “Aliens in the Castle”. In the first year, they performed Arthur and the Urkloids. In the second year, the students performed Rendalina, or from Rags to Riches and Back to Rags Again. And, last year, the students performed Princess Bethany Finds a Mule. These fun shows allow all students an opportunity to shine! We are able to write in additional parts and add (or subtract) lines to give each student a chance to have a part that fits their current skill level.

In Euwynd The Strong. The Mighty. we meet a grandmother, Minatanda and her two grandchildren. The three are working at selling fake furs at a marketplace on the planet of Togbord, in the capital of Inita, called Leocrux. To help pass the time, Minatanda tells the children an old story about a king named Pollymorg who devises a plan to step down as king. He plans a contest to test witts and pass along the baton to a new alien to take over the kingdom. That’s when we meet Euwynd, a bookish kid with a knack for leadership. Will Euwynd end up taking over the kingdom? Join us this summer to learn his fate and meet a cast of characters that include a squire named Seritub; Euwynd’s Aunt (Teragal) and Uncle (Olofort) and cousin (Rallinor) and Rallinors pet oxlad named Oxie; along with several advisors to the king (Kint, Glint, Flint); a game show host (Gerdow) and Gerdow’s assistant Beatrude and other vendors in the market.

Last year (2020), our Aliens in the Castle camp presented Princess Bethany Finds a Mule. In Princess Bethany Finds a Mule, we met a royal family with a creative princess, Bethany, that would rather play pirates then attend to her princess duties. The King hires the Miracle Princess Program to help with his daughter. At the same time, we met A Peliganza Mule from a distant planet who manages to escape to Earth. As Princess Bethany and the Peliganza Mule meet, all of the character collide in two different endings.

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See photos from 2020 Aliens in the Castle – Princess Bethany Finds a Mule


Aug. 16 – 20, 2021

9 am – 3 pm daily (Extended day available. See below. Contact us to register.)

Performance: Aug. 20 @ 4 pm & 7 pm


5 – 12


$425/student, plus a $30/student production fee
(Siblings – $395 plus a $30 production fee)

Production Fee includes a Not Just Dance t-shirt and 2 tickets to the performance


Non-refundable Deposit: $100 due at registration
Non-refundable Production Fee: $30 due at registration
Remaining balance (non-refundable) due by June 1, 2021 OR date of registration if after June 1, 2021 (non-refundable)

Please contact us to request a payment plan.

Extended Day:

8:00 am – 9:00 am
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Note: Not Just Dance reserves the right to cancel extended day if there is not enough interest in this program.

Contact Not Just Dance for pricing.

List of Characters:

Minatanda – A crafty saleswoman and storyteller with a silver tongue.

Anamora – Minatanda’s granddaughter. Believes in fairy tales.

Powisaka – Minatanda’s grandson. Hungry.

Seritub – A squire with the heart of a lion.

Euwynd – A bookist kid with a knack for leadership.

Olofort – Euwynd’s simple-minded Uncle

Teragal – Euwynd’s simple-minded Aunt

Rallinor – Euwynd’s simple-minded cousin.

Oxie – Rallinor’s pet oxlad (alien creature)

Pollymorg – A king who wants to get rid of his title to save his image

Kint – an advisor on Pollymorg’s Council

Glint – An advisor on Pollymorg’s Council

Flint – An advisor on Pollymorg’s Council.

Popped Corn Seller – A concession seller for the Feudal Feud

Kool Breeze Seller – A concession seller for the Feudal Feud

Young Minatanda – Minatanda as a kid, just as slick of a seller as her older version.

Gerdow – the host of the Feudal Feud

Beatrude – Gerdow’s trusty assistant

Ensemble: Townspeople, Vendors, Lions, Tigers, Bears

Students will have the option to stay for FREE Open House classes at the end of day, subject to availability. Be sure to register for the Open House classes as soon as they become available. This is a great option for students to explore other interests along with being a good option for those that need extended care.